Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Definitely Maybe

I need to pack for this winter getaway ski trip thing we are doing this weekend. I detest packing. I loathe it.  And that is rather funny, considering my extensive clothing, shoe, and accessory collection.
That's precisely why I hate packing. Too much to choose from. What if I change my mind of what I'd like to wear from when I packed?  I am so indecisive.  I usually change my order three times in a restaurant before the server leaves the table. I usually turn that around so he or she thinks I am flirting with them, so they don't think I'm flaky.  And then I get excellent service the majority of the time.
Anywho,  I usually try to pack clothing that represents me as a classy ladylike human, but then I am pissed off that I didn't bring any of my sloth attire. And when I pack for slothdom, I feel the need to be dressed like a functioning member of society.  I annoy me.   Why don't I pack for both scenarios, you ask?  Because, I am a  female and then my suitcase will weigh approximately 354 lbs and my boyfriend will hate me.

What I already packed:
-16 bathing suits
-deck of cards

Really, do I need to bring anything else?  I could have a pretty splendid weekend with just those items. I totally want a bathing suit made of bacon now.


  1. As long as we have bacon and vodka I'm good for the weekend.

  2. guess what i saw at the liquor store.....bacon vodka!
    Best of both words or fucking disgusting.

    have the best weekend bitches.