Monday, 20 February 2012

Spring Fever

Long time no blog, kitty cats!

I am a stripper school drop out.  I mean, I quit pole dancing.  It was early afternoon every Saturday morning.  I really don't feel like trying to be hot and sexy at noon on most Saturdays. And I grew tired of the judgmental looks of horror-disgust when I said I was doing pole dancing. Everyone immediately thinks of strippers. My boyfriend's aunt jokingly-but-not-really called me a sleaze when I told her.  That felt good.
 I'll find something else to join and it will be blog worthy, don't you worry.

I realize I haven't blogged in decades. That is because I really don't have much to blog about, my friends. I've been working, doing some home improvement projects and hanging out with friends. The last few times we've went out, I ended up being the designated sober driver. I don't even know who I am anymore.  It's sick.

There is much excitement tonight though. Tonight we booked a trip to Vegas for my birthday. We are going with my BFF since the 6th grade, and her boyfriend, and her brother and his lady. It will be my birthday, St. Patrick's Day and BFF's bro's birthday occurring while we are there.  St.Patrick's Day in Vegas just screams of debauchery.  I'm thinking of doing a photo diary while we are there and then putting it on the blog.  Then one of my faithful readers will come to the rescue and bail me out of jail, yes?

But before we go to Vegas, in a week and a half, we are going with said BFF on a 3 night mountain ski getaway to Kimberley, BC. Skiing is at the bottom of our list of excitement though. I plan on spending a minimum of 36 hours in our private hot tub drinking mimosas, thinking up stellar ideas to present on Dragon's Den, and napping next to the fireplace. One of us will most likely come back with a broken bone, a tattoo made with a pen and a lighter and/or a world record set by longest time riding a deer.  That's just how we roll, yo.
This blog is about to get kicked up a few notches. Stay tuned!

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