Monday, 5 December 2011

Cheese with my Wine

I don't know what it is about this year, but I cannot get enough of leopard prints. I love them! This is a new development because I usually cackled at any sort of animal print on any person that I could see. Oh, except for the RAD black and white zebra print tank top I had in university for bar hopping. It looked wicked with my cherry red low-rise pants.

Tonight I bought myself a supremely cheesy pair of satin leopard print pajamas. ($22 at Walmart!)
 I. Am. Awesome. Seriously, I feel all classy and rich and lady like in these things. Like Elizabeth Taylor. I feel like I should be draping myself across the furniture and reading Jackie Collins novels while wearing every piece of jewelry I own. My sister in law said I need a pair of fuzzy high heeled slippers and I think she just may be onto something there. And bonus! The leopard print camouflages red wine spills beautifully.

Tomorrow I plan on making my boyfriend falling in love with me all over again/seducing him by prancing around in these jammies while blasting Mariah Carey's "Baby all I Want for Christmas is You" and baking something. It's totally going to work.

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