Friday, 2 December 2011

Feels like the first time

Do you remember when you lost your virginity? For some of you, it may have been a very long time ago. For some, it's still pretty fresh in your memory bank.  And for others, it hasn't happened yet. (Why? And what's wrong with you?)

This first blog entry is very much like losing virginity for me. I'm nervous. I'm drunk. I want who is reading it to like it and want to read it again. And I am hoping very much that I won't regret this in the morning.

I have been told by numerous people to start a blog and let my freak flag fly. I have resisted until this point. Not because I don't like attention, because I love it. I have lots to say all. the. time. I guess it just took this half a bottle of Barefoot Shiraz and three quarters of a bottle of Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon to give me the courage to share my rantings with the rest of the world. (thank you baby Jesus for spell check)

The thoughts I will share really are rantings. There are very few people I actually like in this world. I am judgemental as hell. I am sarcastic and the smallest incidents send me into a fit of rage and ranting. And I like wine. So, there you have it - Rantings of  a Wine Hag.
So, a word of warning. I am politically incorrect and incredibly inappropriate. Also, I am in a professional position in my career, so if you know me, don't divulge my identity. If I get fired and can't afford internet, then I can't let you all know how bitchtastically mad I am about the whole situation.

Until next time,
Love and kisses,
The Hag

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