Sunday, 4 December 2011

Haggin' Ain't Easy

Alright, so the morning after the birth of this blog, I had an extremely uneasy feeling about it.  I was no longer in my super-confident-I-am-invincible-and-awesome drunken stupor.  Reality had set in that I not only started a blog and basically told the world that I am an alcoholic that hates people, but I had shared it in public. People actually read it. My (not so) secret was out.
I took the links down that I had plastered all over every social media sites I am a member of (an impressive and whopping 2, if you're curious)  and mulled over my options in regards to either keeping the blog, or deleting it.
Fast forward to me at last night's Christmas party and I decided to share the links with the public again after a healthy dose of super-confident-I-am-invincible-and-awesome-and-everyone-loves-me.
The blog is staying. My love of wine is clearly staying. A perfect union and it must be shared.

I'm going to clarify what I mean when I say I don't like many people. That isn't entirely accurate. I do like people and I am a real people person. What I have no tolerance for is stupidity, idiocy, losery, dumbness, trash, arrogance, assholery, bitchiness, body stench, liars, cheaters, bad hair, bad wardrobe choices, awkward conversationalists, little to no sense of humor and/or  bad driving.
I told you I was judgmental. And I like to make up words.

So if you were asking yourself after my first blog if you were one of the people I actually don't like;  if you possess one of the above qualities, the answer is yes.
If you do not possess any of those cursed attributes, then you are majestic in my eyes and my next blog entry will be dedicated to you, you rare little gems of human gold.
I have the shakes due to last night's merriment and desperately need a shower and a toothbrush. If I don't tend to myself immediately, I will hate myself.

Love and kisses,
The Hag

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